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2019-20 registration begins on Wednesday, January 2nd.
Updated registration forms for families are available to be downloaded
or they may be picked up from our greeter, Cathy.

Testimonial Received about the Nursery School:

As a School Psychologist in the area, I have screened children entering kindergarten from a variety of early education programs. Year after year, students entering school from Endicott First Presbyterian are better prepared academically and socially. They repeatedly score in the upper limits on measures of cognitive, language and academic readiness skills. They are also better prepared for the structure of kindergarten. In comparison to other students, they enter kindergarten with better social and play skills. I believe Endicott First Presbyterian achieves these remarkable outcomes by teaching to the whole child, adhering to high standards, and adapting their teaching to meet the needs of diverse learners.

James Lucenti, MA., CAS
School Psychologist


Our Mission: The mission of Endicott First Presbyterian Nursery School is to provide a developmentally appropriate pre-school program for three, four and five year olds where they can, develop a positive self-image and discover the joy of learning through play.

Philosophy: The philosophy of the Endicott First Presbyterian Nursery School program is that each child learns through guided exploration of their world with support of the teacher and family. Pre-school children learn through active and purposeful play. Through this guided play, the child develops creativity, language skills, social skills, motor skills and self confidence.


  1. To provide a curriculum that builds upon what children already know and are able to do to enable them to connect to new concepts and skills

  2. To provide units with themes that integrate and teach across all content areas (English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and the Arts)

  3. To provide a literacy-rich environment through the use of centers for reading, science, math and dramatic play

  4. To provide children with exposure to a wide variety of information and literacy experiences including the use of technology in the daily activities

  5. To provide a safe environment for students and staff

  6. To provide a learning climate in each classroom that is active; one in which children interact with each other and manipulatives while engaging in cooperative hands-on learning with day-to-day life experiences

  7. To provide a balance of classroom activities that is teacher-directed and child-initiated. These activities may be active or quiet, performed individually or in large or small groups.

  8. To provide an environment that is sensitive to cultural, language and learning differences among all children and families served.

  9. To provide an on-going process of collecting information from multiple sources about a child’s needs, which include observation, portfolios, screening and development checklists. This data is used to determine each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. This information is used to plan and adapt the child’s program. Assessment information is also shared with parents in a timely and ongoing manner.

  10. To provide a curriculum that promotes the students’ growth in creative development, motor development, cognitive development, and their social and emotional development.


Phone: 607-748-1744,  Fax: 607-748-1744
Email: NurserySchool@FirstPresEndicott.org